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    Indiana Unemployment offices
    If you are unemployed or have received that all important pink slip, and think or know you will soon be without a job, one of the most important things to do is to begin your filing for unemployment compensation insurance as soon as you possibly can after receiving the notice, so that your unemployment compensation checks are not delayed.

    In most states, unemployment checks will take from two to four weeks to begin. The checks aren’t retroactive to the last date that you work, but don’t begin until you actually take steps to file your compensation claim.


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    Indiana has several unemployment offices, however you will avail yourself of all of those from the main web site, and additionally, be able to apply for your initial unemployment from that site as well, which is located at http://www.in.gov/dwd/2351.htm

    Firstly, if you’ve recently lived or worked in another state aside from Indiana, You will need to select the state for your claim. Compare the benefits in the two states and choose which will be best for you.
    Indiana benefit plans are slated to offer you between 30 and almost 400 dollars per month in unemployment benefits.
    Your benefits will run for a specific amount of time and then, a federal and state extension can be used to assure that you have unemployment compensation for several more months.

    One place to get started with all of this is the Indiana Unemployment Office, which you can reach by telephone by calling 1-888-337-7234.


    For the Hearing impaired or for the deaf person, Indiana Has a phone number available for the TDD user… 1-800-662-3943.


    To file your unemployment claim online you will need to visit the Indiana Unemployment compensation web site or the DWD, which is located at:
    Once there you may file your claims online, which is assuredly quicker and less time consuming than attempting to file in person in nearly any office.
    In addition to the above methods, you may contact the Indiana Workforce Development by Email, or form mail, which you may access at askworkone.in.gov

    When you’ve been let go from a job through no fault of your own, if the economy doesn’t support your position, or a downturn or downsizing is taking place that gives you that frightening pink slip, don’t delay filing for unemployment compensation as soon as you know you are out of work.

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