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    Unemployment Benefits in Indiana


    When you find yourself out of work, one of the first things we will each do is to find the means of financial survival until we are again employed. One of the ways in which we can assure some income, even if its not what we are accustomed to making, is unemployment insurance benefits.
    Based upon the state in which you live, you will receive a varying amount each week, in some states payable in biweekly installments.


    How Do I apply for Unemployment?
    In the state of Indiana, you will file for your unemployment at the Department of workforce Development, which is located at http://www.in.gov/dwd/2625.htm, and identify the pages which are known as the uplink system, from which pages you can file for your unemployment compensation insurance online. It is important that you not wait too long after receiving your notification of your layoff or company downsizing to apply, since this will delay your claim, and may in fact lose you eligibility for several days of unemployment, since it is payable only from the date you begin your claim.


    Am I eligible for UC compensation?

    Generally you are eligible for Unemployment compensation insurance if you are displaced or out of work through no fault of your own. This means that if you were displaced as a result of the economy, a company downsizing, you will in fact likely be eligible, or if you had a viable and good reason to leave the company of your own accord.

    How Much Money Will Unemployment Pay?
    Generally your unemployment will not pay you as much as your regular job, but in fact, it does usually pay something close to what you might be accustomed to receiving, although some states cap the top amount that you may receive. As a rule, take the three months of the year in which you worked that you received the most money and divide those by 26. That amount is what you may expect to receive, approximately, each week.

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    When Will I get Paid?

    Some states pay weekly, while others will pay you in two week periods. The date of your initial claim will be the first day that you are paid for. From the initial claim, you may expect to wait 2-3 weeks for that first check to appear in your bank or mailbox, which is why beginning your Unemployment compensation claim as soon as you are eligible is important in order to prevent delaying your payments.[ad#benefits]

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