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    Indianapolis Unemployment Office



    The Indianapolis Office of Unemployment, with the major office being located at

    46219-1770 can be reached by telephone at
    The Indianapolis office of Unemployment or Workforce Development offers you several opportunities to file for your unemployment compensation, as well as to speak with career counselors so that you may begin training in a new career and find funding for it as well


    The Indianapolis Unemployment office is currently offering some new perks as well, with their Major Opportunities training underway that will benefit Gary, Indianapolis and South Bend regions of Indiana.

    The Classes will be geared toward offering minority workers with additional skills they need to be able to work in building and construction trades so that when the Major Moves road constructions comes to pass which is scheduled, they will be able to benefit financially from those programs.


    In Indianapolis, the  Associated Builders & Contractors has just begun training their second class of students.

    Governor Daniels said recently that “The Major Opportunities program is designed to ensure that members of the minority community have access to these new jobs by providing them the skills necessary for success in the building trades.”

    The Indianapolis Unemployment office can also provide you the information that you need to take advantage of these new programs by the Indianapolis Unemployment and state programs to help you get up and get back into the ranks of the employed.

    Indiana Unemployment office in Indianapolis can also assist you in filing for your initial unemployment compensation insurance, as well as to assist you in filing for the federal extensions that you are entitled to if you are displaced from your job through no fault of your own.

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