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    Indiana Workforce Development Site Services

    The Indiana State Site for workforce development, http://www.in.gov/dwd/ offers to its user multiple benefits.
    In fact, as recently as March 18th, new additions to the site include the news that the Indiana Department of Workforce Development announced that those from Indiana who have exhausted their federal and state unemployment benefits may still qualify for another thirteen weeks of unemployment extension, and that they will be notifying those who are eligible by mail.

    Indiana Capital Building The Workforce Development of Indiana site http://www.in.gov/dwd/ offers more than simply the most updated news however, by virtue of a job matching service, which lets you offer up your skills, experience, resume and other data, and matches it with an employer who is looking for the same qualities that you may have, making it easier for employers and prospective employees to find each other.

    Additionally a list of grants and credits for which you, as a displaced worker may qualify is on the site, as well as retraining and other important parts of the job seeking and retraining process that will put you back on the roles of the employed.

    Portrait of happy young businesswoman In addition to these services, you may if you choose to, apply for your unemployment compensation insurance on the Indiana Workforce Development site, using one of the many different links on the site http://www.in.gov/dwd/2625.htm that is termed the Uplink Employment program.

    These links include such services as Claimant self service, tutorials, screen shots to assist you in properly filing your claim, along with other services for the Employers who may also need to use the uplink system.

    constructionguy The Indiana Workforce Development Site also features various other small services to the displaced worker including tips for searching for a new job, services for veterans and customized services for those who require additional help in application or verification of unemployment compensation.

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