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    Indiana Unemployment sits currently at about ten percent or a bit higher. That is the bad news.
    The good news is that those same companies which are letting people go, are still going to have to hire for certain jobs, even at the same time they down size other departments.

    The current US overall unemployment rate sits at about 8.9 percent so the Indiana rate is a bit higher than this. Until recently it was lower than those surrounding states, but has crept upward in the past few months.

    The Automobile industry obviously isn’t in as great a shape as it used to be and to that end, since many actually commute to jobs in that field, have given their share of layoffs and downsizing. Significant other layoffs in Indiana include primarily manufacturing, with most of these in the transportation industry. Many of those job losses were also moved, rather than closed, meaning a relocation may have helped the workers to keep their jobs.


    According to the BLS, in the last three and one half years, since 2005, 67 percent of job layoffs were the manufacturing industry,so it does appear that’s not the place to start if you are beginning a new career.
    Retail trades permanently laid off about 5,245 workers, which encompasses more than 12 percent of the total permanent layoffs since about 2004, while companies which ply their trade in the finance industry lessened their employee rates by about four percent.

    Their health care industry seems to be the most stable at the moment, with just a two percent loss, as well as the warehousing industry at just three percent loss in the same few years time span.


    The companies in which you’d likely find employment are service industries in the Indiana job s market, as well as health care, and electrical and computer manufacturing industries, which seem to be growing even in a severely limited job market.
    IT jobs, and technical support positions are fairly stable as well, though many of them are not currently hiring.

    The key to finding that new job you’re looking for seems to be to keep your eyes open and keep digging, since many of the industries which are laying off for one position are hiring for another.

    Jobs from Indeed

    Indiana Unemployment Rate

    An average of 15,000 Indiana occupants might lose unemployment benefits every week starting off in May if Congress does not extend federal government benefits for anyone needing work in excess of six months, a state official states.
    About 270,000 Hoosiers are presently getting unemployment benefits, said Marc Lotter, communications director for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.
    Benefits fall into one of 6 levels. The foremost is state unemployment, which can be constantly obtainable; the 5 other levels contain federally financed extensions. Every stage provides a new number of weeks of benefits, with all of six jointly totaling as much as ninety nine weeks, Lotter said.

    Congress recessed because of its two-week vacation Fri without having extending the benefits, and an extension of unemployment insurance recently run out. A sixty five % subsidy for health insurance coverage benefits for the jobless under the COBRA program additionally expired this week.

    The cessation of unemployment insurance shows that individuals who happen to be away from a job in excess of six months will certainly gradually eliminate eligibility with the further weeks of benefits that are fully financed by the government.

    The National Employment Law Project claims virtually a million individuals might see their particular benefits exhausted by the conclusion of April without having an additional federal extension.

    Democrats and Republicans say they need the benefits extended, and Democrats who control Congress state even people who miss checks should ultimately get their funds.

    That’s little consolation to Indiana residents who’s income isn’t enough to support their households

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